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Weaving chains

Published on 29-04-2022     |     Innovation

Weaving is a craft that dates to ancient times. In pre-Columbian times, these pieces were made for multiple purposes: clothing, offerings, tribute, exchanges (their value was the same as that of gold), etc. The pieces obtained were full of meaning and art that embodied culture and language.

During medieval times, looms hardly changed in appearance and function, while they became indispensable for creating pieces to combat the cold and distinguish social classes. It was in 1589 that the Scottish clergyman, William Lee, developed what could be considered "the father of the modern loom", although he had only a prototype and it did not become popular until the arrival of the Industrial Revolution.

From the middle of the 18th century onwards, uninterrupted progress was made, which has continued up to the present day with the automation of the loom, gaining in power and capacity to adapt to requirements. The introduction of new raw materials made it a key machine in the textile industry.

Source of inspiration

And that's where the inspiration comes from. At Kriskadecor, from an aluminum thread, we manufacture our small links which, joined together, form an infinite chain that is stored on large spools, emulating those of the thread, although they take up much more space.

We have already explained how we carry out the anodizing and coloring process of the links and how one of our strong points is the adaptation of images. This specialization gives us a great differentiation and the possibility to offer our clients a total customization of their projects.

This is how we can generate gradients, patterns or any type of image proposed by the client, transforming each pixel into a chain link. And we do this thanks to in-house technology, inspired by the workings of ancient looms, where long chains of different colors are combined to create authentic works of art woven as in the olden days.

Our formula

Aluminum, a noble, light, malleable metal with a sustainable life cycle.

Colors in anodized and lacquered finishes.

In-house technology for weaving chains.

Unique pieces to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces.