Meet us

This is who we are

How we think

We do metal art, we are passionate about the creativity and originality that comes from architects and interior designers. We like to discover how far the imagination of our customers can reach and that makes us improve every day to provide the best options.

To do so, we actively listen to and focus on their needs, we evaluate the possibilities and it is only then that we offer a solution. We are able to do all of this thanks to the experience in innovation we have gained during 90 years and because we firmly believe in the commitment we set with our customers worldwide.

Our everyday involves a continuous improvement in production, an accurate customer service and special attention to logistics, commitment to deadlines and constant research to find new possibilities. These facts have allowed Kriskadecor to go beyond the boundaries of creativity and to participate in some of the most avant-garde designs.

There is nothing that cannot be done, we only have to find the way to make it possible.

Josep Maria Sans, Founder

What we do

Imagination is what we live for. We bring to life the greatest and most innovative ideas. We empower them with an explosion of colours, volumes and shapes so the most amazing architectural and interior design projects come true.

You can dream bout projects you could not do before. As our founder, Josep Maria Sans, used to say, “there is nothing that cannot be done, we only have to find the way to make it possible”. Our company has evolved so much since then, but the spirit of the grandfather and entrepreneur remains.

We start creating from one of the simplest elements; our aluminum anodised links allow us to create dramatic projects full of inspiration. And it doesn’t matter where, our kriska and snina links can be adapted to ceilings, façades, wall art, home decor, mosaic tiles, jewellery and you could even surprise us by bringing new challenges. We will be so excited to accept them.

Who we
work with

We prefer to speak of temporary associates, because we like working together. We mainly do work with architects and interior designers, although we have also collaborated with designers, artists, stage designers, creative agencies ...

Our history

Innovating is part of our essence. We have done it for over 90 years, and it is our commitment to continue to do so in the future.

That is our spirit and DNA. Grandfather Josep Maria was one of a kind in his class, a visionary, establishing the pillars of what we are today. He began to develop his own machinery and managed to produce iron chain curtains that became famous throughout the Mediterranean.

It was in 1957 that his son, Josep Maria Sans Folch, improved the technique of working with anodized aluminum, allowing him to explore a multitude of color possibilities.

In addition, his wife, Josefina Esplugas, helped grow the company, creating new design solutions for different purposes.

That "savoir faire" still runs in the family with the third generation. Under their leadership, Kriskadecor has become an international brand with which world-renowned architects and interior designers work.

In 2016, a second headquarters was established in Phoenix, Arizona, after the union with Daisycake, a North American company that had been distributing our products for 17 years and that offered an excellent service in the United States. Since August 2020, the offices are in Miami (sales and logistics) and Los Angeles (creative department).