Meet us

What we do

Kriskadecor creates fully customizable projects with aluminum links, providing architects and interior designers with a wide range of solutions: space dividers, wallcoverings, ceiling features, lighting elements, cladding, or any other unique structure you can imagine.

The versatility and lightness of our material allow the customization in color, shape, and size of any structure. We can also reproduce text, images, and patterns thanks to our in-house technology and extensive finishings palette.

The quality and reliability of our product are due to our vast cumulative experience working with aluminum. Kriska and Snina are manufactured with 99.99% top quality aluminum, a highly sustainable building material.

There is nothing that cannot be done, we only have to find the way to make it possible.

Josep Maria Sans, Founder

How we do it

We oversee the manufacturing process from beginning to end, from the creation of the chain links to the structure of the project, making sure that the result is an exclusive piece.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique manufacturing process which has been finetuned over the years by relying on an essential cornerstone: the human component. Kriska and Snina spring from a perfect balance between an industrial process and the oversight of our technicians, whose expert hands check each project in detail.

Going above and beyond what our clients expect is in our DNA. Therefore, our Design and Innovation team is vitally important for each project's development. We work with our clients throughout the process to ensure that their idea gets the best outcome through technical and design advice, assessment of special structures, cost calculations and drawing up blueprints and assembly instructions.

Who we
work with

We prefer to speak of temporary associates, because we like working together. We mainly do work with architects and interior designers, although we have also collaborated with designers, artists, stage designers, creative agencies ...

Our history

1926. The origin of everything

Our story begins back in 1926, in Montblanc (Catalonia, Spain). The first chain link was created by Josep Maria Sans Amill, our founder, who developed the first machine and managed to have chain curtains spread all over the Mediterranean.
Decades later, after painstakingly researching raw materials, his son, Josep Maria Sans Folch, designed the new chain links. He improved the technique for working with anodized aluminum, which enabled him to add a wide range of colors.
His wife, Josefina Esplugas, contributed actively to the company's expansion.

2003. The birth of Kriskadecor

With the turn of the century, Kriska and Snina left private homes and shops and began to shine in grand hotels and buildings all over the world. What a long road they've travelled, and how many new possibilities have opened up!


The company is currently led by the third generation of the Sans family, but Josep Maria and Maties always keep in mind what their grandfather used to say: ‘There’s nothing that can’t be done; you just have to find the way’. That's how it is at Kriskadecor. We are excited to think that, from our chain links, ambitious projects are born in collaboration with the most creative professionals.