Local development

With a clear vocation to promote local businesses, Kriskadecor maintains its headquarters in Montblanc (Tarragona, Spain), but has a second headquarters in Miami, Florida, and a network of international distributors.

Likewise, the company actively contributes to the social improvement of the area, collaborating in solidarity events and local festivities and sponsoring sports entities.


We think that young talent is one of the most important human investments that our company can make. That is why we are involved with educational entities, offering training and grants for internships for graduates and undergraduate students. 

Eco friendly

At Kriskadecor we work under the total awareness of our impact on the environment and, in order to minimize it to the maximum, we invest all of our available efforts and resources in it.

We combine the experience gained over the more than 90 years of the company’s existence with the knowledge and variety of perspectives that independent professionals offer us, with the aim of achieving products that are attractive, useful, long-lasting and, above all, that respect the environment.

This has led to designing our own efficient and sustainable technology, as well as production processes that allow us to minimize the impact on our surroundings. We don’t just go beyond the mere fulfilment of current legislation, our company upholds the 3R law: Reduce, Recycle and Re-use.

As part of our environmental responsibility we regularly revise and apply the new BAT (best available techniques) in our manufacturing process and we carry out waste reduction studies.

We support the responsible use of raw materials. We therefore work with high quality materials like aluminium, which allow us to create products that are long-lasting, timeless and totally recyclable at the end of their useful lives. Our products are made with aluminium that contains at least 20% of recycled material, the production of which consumes fewer resources, so that we reduce our carbon footprint.

As water is an essential resource, a special effort has been made to achieve the re-usage of a large amount of production water through the installation of a waste water treatment plant. The continuous improvements of the anodising installations reduce the use of chemical products.

Kriskadecor’s products are transported using packaging made from glued, recycled cardboard that can be easily recycled. The packages are adapted to the product size in order to avoid the unnecessary use of materials and optimize transportation.

We also pay special attention to waste, reaching agreements with suppliers and companies specialised in waste or re-use management. Our products are easily recyclable at the end of their useful lives as their parts are totally detachable.