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Casa Batlló, Gaudí

Art     |     City: Barcelona, Spain    |     Designed by: Kengo Kuma & Associates

Kengo Kuma's architectural intervention on Casa Batlló includes Kriskadecor’s anodized aluminum chains at different points of the new vertical communication nucleus of the recently inaugurated immersive visit.

The tour begins with a spectacular thirteen-ton floating staircase enhanced by a cascade of chains that begins at the ceiling and descends to the basement of the modernist building. The sculptural form accompanies Gaudí's architecture, in addition to providing movement and volume to the space thanks to the different superimposed layers that, depending on the time of day, absorb the different shades of light that filters through the skylight.

When the visitor finishes the visit on the roof, the descent of the eight floors occurs through a staircase that begins in the attic. The chains are worked in layers creating a second skin that, thanks to the biophilic shapes, are perfectly integrated into Gaudí's universe.

Each plant is unique due to the color gradient. The lighter shades of aluminum are found at the beginning of the route, on the roof, and little by little they darken until they reach the black that dresses the old coal bunkers. The immersion of the visitor is total.

The chains rest on a plinth that integrates a LED light strip that favors the verticality of the entire composition, providing lightness and accentuating the transparency of the links. The exit takes place through a newly created corridor that adapts to the organic shapes of the ceiling. Random banding creates a metallic mesh effect that is accentuated by lighting.

Both in the atrium and on the stairs, the link chains are born from sound-absorbing panels that promote acoustic comfort.

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