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LATAM Airlines VIP Lounge

Public spaces     |     City: Santiago de Chile, Chile    |     Designed by: Grupo Arquitectos

The new VIP lounge at Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in the Chilean capital is inspired by South America’s nature and entices tranquility and reconnection. This project, created by Grupo Arquitectos, conceives the lounge as a warm and welcoming place for passengers to relax and have a more pleasant journey.

The 46,300 square feet are divided into three distinct environments: World Member, Premium and Signature. The space we are involved in is the Signature room, which is the largest, where copper and bronze geometric shapes made of Kriskadecor aluminum chains predominate.

The first is a large structure composed of three concentric cylinders of variable height that floats above the bar. Next to the restaurant area, there are two pergolas embellished with a roof of hexagonal prisms, some of which are concentric, unifying the space and creating an enveloping sensation.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Aryeh Cornfeld