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Kriskadecor is committed to the generation of real-time 3D models

Published on 25-01-2024     |     Innovation

In an ever-evolving environment, Extended Reality (XR) technology, which includes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, has solidified its position as an essential component in the habitat industry. Despite notable progress, the creation of photorealistic 3D models remains a significant challenge.

For this reason, Kriskadecor is actively involved in the REALINT project, whose goal is to redefine how we interact with our environment by merging creativity with technological innovation. It does so by addressing the potential of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) in a pioneering way within the industry.

This innovative technology, adapted and enhanced by the Arquimea Research Center, will enable the creation of realistic models for products and interior design spaces. These models can seamlessly integrate into various extended reality applications developed by technology companies Global Virtual Real Estate and PixelsHub. Ultimately, this new approach will be tested and validated by Kriskadecor and Luxes.

The impact on the industry will be significant, as REALINT not only represents technological exploration but also provides innovative tools to optimize various processes in the value chain of design, manufacturing, prescription, and marketing of habitat sector products.

The REALINT project enriches the Interiors Living Lab's work at the AMBIT cluster, focusing on advanced visualization and simulation tools in interior design projects. It also serves as an example of collaboration promoted by AMBIT with technology-focused clusters such as the Cluster TIC Asturias, a project beneficiary partner.

The REALINT project is co-financed by the Innovative Business Clusters (AEI) Program of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.