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Kohakinho restaurant

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Lugano, Switzerland    |     Designed by: Bruno Huber Architetti

The design of Kohakinho Restaurant, located in the heart of Lugano’s old town, is its best cover letter. Inspired by its name and culinary offer, this sushi bar, which offers Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine, chose a koi carp as its central element.

For this reason, a large sculptural lamp in the shape of a fish floats above the tables, transforming the double-height space into a huge fish tank, and the clients into smaller fish. The aquarium effect is enhanced by the large windows that reveal the entire interior.

Kriskadecor's choice of chains reflects the restaurant's elegant and quirky character. The color gradient begins in the ceiling, with 49 straight pieces in orange, brown and gold, and ends with a wallcovering which includes 7 other colors that help bring together all the decorative elements.

The versatility and lightness of the aluminum links, as well as their customization possibilities in color, shape, and dimensions, favor their integration into any project.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: