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Guerrilla Show Athens

Art     |     City: Athens, Greece    |     Designed by: Angeliki Papavasileiou, nervousystems

The vision behind the Guerrilla Show Athens was a 40-minute performance where the audience would navigate through the installations, gather, and scatter as they pleased, to create their own experience out of the project. Two sets of brilliant brown curtains of 4.60m length and 1.70m height, 78 chains per piece, were used in an angle pointing towards the end of the models’ path mirrored to it, inviting the audience in. The constant metallic sound waves the metal mesh created, as both models and audience passed through, interacting with them, was a detail which enhanced the whole performance. The curtains were a shiny reflective element put in juxtaposition with the otherwise grotesque show, allowing everyone to experiment with their body and movement, while observing, touching, and navigating the installations of the show. That game of shadow, light and reflections created by the aluminum links, brought different qualities and depth to the darkest part of the show.

Having this feeling that creativity has been absorbed and hidden underneath the commerciality factor of today’s fashion shows, it seems reasonable enough to call that out, dig into the past and re-imagine the present. Nervousystems analyze the fashion show phenomenon as an equilibrium, bringing together the distinct elements of spectacle, bodily movement, and space. Fashion has a genuine connection to body and space; therefore, their field of practice combines those elements with that of architectural set design. They focus on creating performative fashion experiences, the actors of which, include not only the models but the audience as well. The guerrilla concept is linked to the element of surprise; thus, the outcome of the show remains partially uncertain, to the audience, but to nervousystems too. 

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