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City of Manchester Stadium

Leisure     |     City: Manchester, UK    |     Designed by: 20|20 Design

To debut the 2012/13 season, the club decided to redesign the Mancunian, based on Manchester's new man, modern, elegant, urban, who wears neutral colors and the blue of his team.

And, to represent its unique culture, proud history and loyal base of celestial fans, the studio 20.20 Design was inspired by cityzens songs to give a warm and intimate welcome to the venue.

In fact, the chainmail of Kriskadecor that surrounds the main bar represents the sound waves of his famous hymn "Blue Moon", which opens the panoramic view to the entire stadium.

It includes up to 7 colors of the extensive catalogue of the Montblanc company: lilac, blue, grey, turquoise, nickel, gold and silver, all satin. Also, on the ceiling, we can find the lyrics of other iconic songs with vinyl finish and monochromatic colors.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: