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Yotel Hotel

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: New York, USA    |     Designed by: Softroom & Rockwell USA

Located at the edge of Times Square, Yotel combines Japanese capsule accommodation with first-class airline cabins with a flexible an ergonomic hotel experience.

The overall vision of the designers was to create technologically sophisticated and vibrant spaces, communicating a sense of fun, warmth and welcome to its guests.

As an example, in the public area you can find two space dividers by Kriskadecor with unique colourful patterns: the first one is a curved solution, a surprising option to create intimate spaces. The second, a straight and mobile curtain that separates two environments but also allows a single space once collected.

Also, at Yotel you can meet the world’s only robotic luggage concierge, a huge mechanical arm that keeps your luggage.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: