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Can you imagine a cladding solution with a unique and exclusive design that allows you to reproduce patterns, logos, and even images? At Kriskadecor, we make it a reality.

Outdoor is Kriskadecor's division that specialises in façade cladding with aluminium chains. Our technical department develops projects completely customised in size, shape, and colour according to our customers' needs. Our team of experts will provide technical, graphic, and artistic support throughout the process, from the conception of the idea to the completion of the project.

Why choose us?

360º customisation
Adjustment to the building's shape
Extreme lightness
Easy and quick installation
Easy maintenance
Strength and durability
Energy saving
Solar protection



Student residence Kley Montpellier, France

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Ecuador Pavilion, Expo Milan 2015 Milan, Italy

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Archiproducts Milan Showroom Milan, Italy

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Can Manent School Cardedeu, Spain

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Other applications

Other applications



Transforming a space never had so many creative possibilities. To achieve this, we provide a dynamic palette with 49 RAL colours tested under solar exposure, as well as 2 anodised options. Other RAL colours may be possible upon request.


RAL 1001

Brown beige

RAL 1011

Light ivory

RAL 1015

Grey beige

RAL 1019

Traffic yellow

RAL 1023

Pearl beige

RAL 1035

Purple red

RAL 3004

Rasberry red

RAL 3027

Red lilac

RAL 4001

Traffic purple

RAL 4006

Signal violet

RAL 4008

Sapphire Blue

RAL 5003

Signal blue

RAL 5005

Azure blue

RAL 5009

Pigeon blue

RAL 5014

Sky blue

RAL 5015

Capri blue

RAL 5019

Water blue

RAL 5021

Pastel blue

RAL 5024

Leaf green

RAL 6002

Reseda green

RAL 6011

Yellow green

RAL 6018

Pastel green

RAL 6019

Opal green

RAL 6026

Light green

RAL 6027

Mint turquoise

RAL 6033

Olive grey

RAL 7002

Moss grey

RAL 7003

Beige grey

RAL 7006

Green grey

RAL 7009

Tarpaulin grey

RAL 7010

Brown grey

RAL 7013

Umbra grey

RAL 7022

Pebble grey

RAL 7032

Quartz grey

RAL 7039

Window grey

RAL 7040

Silk grey

RAL 7044

Pearl mouse grey

RAL 7048

Olive brown

RAL 8008

Terra brown

RAL 8028

Grey white

RAL 9002

Signal white

RAL 9003

Jet black

RAL 9005

White aluminium

RAL 9006

Pure white

RAL 9010

Traffic white

RAL 9016

Graphite black

RAL 9011

Pearl light grey

RAL 9022

Pearl dark grey

RAL 9023

Silver brilliant

Code 20001

Silver satin

Code 20201

The system

The system

Kriskadecor's outdoor cladding system has been designed and tested to provide a safe and durable structure to cover large surfaces with, thanks to the lightness of the aluminium chain links. On top of its decorative function, the system significantly helps to improve the thermal environment inside the building, reducing heat transfer from direct sunlight, thus allowing its ventilation.

Both the chains and the profiles are aluminium, a sustainable and infinitely recyclable material. On top of the standard fixings, it's possible to design special fixing options for specific projects.

Chain characteristics

Kriska chain link 11.86 x 23.20 x 8 mm
Aluminium thread thickness 2 mm
Weight 2 kg/m²
Composition At least 20% recycled aluminium
Epoxy coating Applied over an existing anodised layer Total thickness: 22-28 microns depending on the colour
Standard spacing 50 strands per metre
Links open area 69,79%

System features

Material of the profiles Aluminium
Finish of the profiles Lacquered - Optional Qualicoat/Qualamarine
Screws Stainless steel A4 70
Material of the tensioning system Technical plastic resistant to wear outdoors
Tensioning system Tension according to the project's characteristics




Humidostatic 1,000 hours

Salt spray 1,000 hours


B s1 d0 certificate

Solar protection

Energy savings and improvement of the thermal environment

Sun wear

10,000 hours of exposure

Suntest CPPS+


Wind tunnel at 210 km/h


Recyclable materials



  • Design
    Can I cover any type of building?

    Our system can adapt to any type of building and structure: factory walls, concrete, wood, and even glass or ventilated façades.

    What design options does Kriskadecor's cladding system provide?

    Kriskadecor chains provide a new concept in the outdoors cladding field to embellish buildings and grant them personality. They offer infinite architectural adaptation possibilities, as well as design finishes to cover and decorate façades using colours to reproduce patterns, logos, and high-definition images.

    The use of our aluminium chains is a versatile, sustainable, easily installed and easily maintained cladding solution for innovative professionals who wish to combine design and durability.

    What resolution can I obtain when reproducing an image?

    The resolution will depend on the surface or façade available to reproduce the image. The larger the structure, the more details we can reproduce with our extensive colour palette, and the better the resolution.

    Can I create volumes and shapes?

    Thanks to the size and movement versatility of Kriskadecor's chain links, we can create surprising compositions. Each project is unique. We can employ curved, undulated shapes with organic movement, or even volumes, to obtain astonishing geometries.

    What colours can I use?

    We have an extensive colour palette with 47 RAL colours tested under solar exposure. The anodised silver option in brilliant and satin finishes can be used outdoors too. Other RAL colours may be possible upon request.

  • Technical features
    Can this cladding system be used to cover buildings at any kind of location?

    We can cover façades anywhere around the world, as long as we previously evaluate the circumstances.

    What are the minimum and maximum dimensions to cover a façade?


    Is this system appropriate for building restoration?

    This system is appropriate for restoring buildings, thanks to its lightness and easy installation. It's ideal to cover shabby façades, or ones with visible systems.

    How much does the system weigh?

    The system only weighs approximately 3 kg/m2 depending on the configuration.

    Is there a predetermined fixing system?

    Kriskadecor offers a standard wall-fixing system. Our technical department can design special fixings for specific projects. Our team of experts will provide support throughout the process.

    Can it be used as solar protection?

    Kriskadecor's cladding system works as an excellent solar protection.

    Our tests have been carried out according to the regulations, combining the chain with low emissivity or solar control glass. The results establish that the incidence of solar radiation can be reduced by up to 80%.

    The chain colour hardly influences the results, and we can combine different layers.

    Does it prevent light from shining through? What is the view from the inside like?

    From the outside, Kriskadecor's cladding system seems like a solid surface. From the inside, the chain links' transparency allows total visibility while filtering the light, creating interesting shadows. In fact, the evolution of circadian lighting influences the chromatic effects, creating shadows that evolve throughout the day and boost the user's well-being.

    What reaction to fire certification does the KDC system have?

    The KDC system falls under class B s1 d0. B means that it is flammable with very limited contribution to fire. It produces a low quantity of smoke (s1) and no burning droplets or particles (d0). The chain links fall under class A2, non-combustible. However, since the chains need to be held in place to prevent friction and deterioration, technical plastic has to be used, falling thus under class B s1 d0.

    What's the system's response to a marine environment?

    The system fulfils all the requirements for the application in humid environments, such as those close to the sea. We hold two certificates for corrosion according to UNE standards:

    • Static humidity test. 1,000 h according to ISO 6270-2 guidelines.
    • Resistance to acetic salt spray test. 1,000 h according to ISO 9227 guidelines.

    In addition, Qualicoat or, if necessary, Qualamarine certificates can be provided for the profiles.

    Does the chain colour withstand solar exposure?

    Our Cladding Outdoor palette has been tested with 10,000 hours of solar exposure, according to an adaptation of UNE-EN ISO 11341:2005 standards.

    The perceived tone variations were minimal, and the colour remained stable. Seals of quality certify stability through 1,000 or 2,000 hour-long tests. Therefore, our results are even more satisfactory.

    Our tests consider that even if the colour does not disappear, but the RAL changes, it's not valid. If this happens, the colour does not become part of our Cladding Outdoor palette.

    How does Kriskadecor's cladding system react to wind?

    The impact of the wind is a relevant aspect to consider since our cladding system with chains is dynamic and, therefore, presents a slight movement with high wind levels.

    Our cladding system has been tested in a wind tunnel at over 210 Km/h, validating the strength and dynamics of the product.

    We study the location of each project to understand its characteristics and establish the maximum free length of the chain, the tension, and deformations.

    Is the system environmentally sustainable?

    Both the system and the chain are aluminium, a highly sustainable and infinitely recyclable material. In addition, the chain is 20% recycled material.

  • Installation and maintenance
    Does Kriskadecor take care of the installation? How is it installed?

    Kriskadecor takes care of supervising the installation. We work with professional installers specialised in outdoor cladding who have experience with our product.

    Our modules comprise profiles + chains. We package them in separate small boxes to provide more economical transport and reduce our carbon footprint.

    The installation is simple: once the fixings are in place, the chains are attached to the top and bottom profiles and then tensed. All our products are delivered to the construction site after being checked at our factory. We provide all the necessary drawings and exploded views for each project.

    What maintenance does Kriskadecor's cladding system need?

    Like any other structural system, it's necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and preservation inspections consisting of a yearly visual examination and preventive maintenance.

    We recommend cleaning it using water and neutral liquid soap while avoiding abrasive and alkaline products. In areas where it rains frequently, the rainwater should be enough. Products with a pH above 8 should not be used.


    The system can carry a 10-year warranty depending on the location and installation conditions of the project.

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