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Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Stores and shopping malls     |     City: Leidschendam, The Netherlands    |     Designed by: MVSA Architects

The recently opened Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, located between the cities of The Hague and Leiden, is the largest shopping centre in the Netherlands. With its 117,000 m2 of surface, it has up to 280 places in which to buy, eat, drink, relax and have endless fun.

Given that the existing shopping centre consisted of several blocks with different identities, one of the challenges for MVSA Architects, the firm in charge of remodelling the entire complex, was to seamlessly unite the old with the new. In this context, the delicate design of the ceiling of the Dining Plaza was born, which includes the sinuous panels of Kriskadecor. A total of 30 curved pieces in satin gold and brilliant brown make it a unique space that will trigger the senses of all and sundry.

In fact, the aluminium chains imitate the movement of the air that flows in all directions, giving warmth and embracing the visitor. According to Thijs van de Straat from MVSA Architects, "We were able to create a space where you could sit back, relax and feel comfortable and happy, as the curtains create that kind of atmosphere."

Another key strength is that "they allow to unify the high and low areas of the ceiling, making the design much more consistent". The chain panels surround the different food kiosks, marking their spot, and giving them definition. And, by using different lighting colours, the environment can be adjusted to any time of the year, giving it a highly versatile atmosphere.

Kriskadecor's work, in data

For the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands project, 30 panels were manufactured with a total area of 3,020 m2, an amount equivalent to 235,600 meters of chain, in other words, 235 km that could cover the entire territory of the Netherlands, from end to end.

To manufacture the 12,251,200-chain links, more than 1000 km of aluminium wire was needed, specifically, the distance between The Hague and Milan, approximately. Together with the 1,326 linear meters of rail (1.33 km), the total weight would be about 9885 kg.

In terms of production time, 2400-working hours were required (300 full days), including 800 of manufacturing and 1050 of man-hours.

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