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"Tower in the tower" Exhibition

Art     |     City: Vienna, Austria    |     Designed by: Rudi Stanzel

The powerful architecture of the 34-m high Flak-tower in the Arenbergpark, Vienna is largely visible from the outside. However, from the inside, its enormous dimensions lose itself due to the structuring in eight floors and the walls separating different rooms. In fact, the only place where people can become aware of the height of the Flak-tower is the small space of approximately 180 x 90 cm of the stairs.

To enjoy this gigantic architecture from the outside to the inside, Stanzel created "The tower in the tower" with links from Kriskadecor. As the author explains, "the cross section of my tower, made of approximately 700 aluminium chains in shiny silver, has the shape of an oval, which contrasts with the angular environment". In fact, from the bottom of the ground floor to the ceiling of the eighth floor, the tower has the function of an "observation bar".

To get the impression of a firm body, the chains not only outline the oval, but also fill the interior. Yet, in contrast to the visual effect of a firm body, the chains are soft and, when touched, yield and sway slightly.

Stanzel also sees the chain as a line, an important component in his artistic vocabulary. This installation includes many lines (chains) that make it a two-dimensional space (curtain) and, when placing a curtain behind another curtain, the space becomes three-dimensional.

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