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Royal Ascot Hotel Apartment

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Dubai, UAE    |     Designed by: Sven Müller

The Royal Ascot Aparthotel, built in 2008 and located in the heart of Dubai, combines an ancient architectural style with modern facilities including wooden and marble floors, glazed balconies, and elegant furniture.

To decorate the interior facade, the designer Sven Müller devised a 40 m high x 8 m width fixed mural that covered one of the walls from top to bottom. He did it by means of the versatile and durable anodized aluminium links, an architectural solution of Kriskadecor in silver and lime.

This way, in addition to providing light and colour to the hotel complex, guests enjoy a striking view when climbing their respective rooms with panoramic elevators.


Solutions that are offered to the customer: