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Archiproducts Milano façade

Public spaces     |     City: Milan, Italy    |     Designed by: Various

Kriskadecor has clad the façade of the Archiproducts Milano showroom at up to 5 editions of Milan Design Week. The cladding, in addition to attracting the attention of locals and visitors, covers the imperfections of an old building.

Concept & designer of each edition

2016: An ideal construction composed of volumes and boxes which develop as a sequence of infinite rooms by Diego Grandi.

2017: "Architypes", a kaleidoscopic image by Serena Confalonieri.

2018: A composition of black and white abstract panels by Elisa Ossino.

2019: a playful and mind-bending anamorphic installation by Truly Design

2022: The arches, the project’s formal leitmotif by Carla Di Benedetto and the Archiproducts team. 

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Marcela Grassi