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Archiproducts Milano façade

Public spaces     |     City: Milan, Italy    |     Designed by: Various

Kriskadecor has clad the façade of the Archiproducts Milano showroom at up to 5 editions of Milan Design Week.

The versatility of the material allows the design to be adapted to each year's theme, creating a connection between interior and exterior spaces

The cladding, in addition to generating an initial attraction for pedestrians, inviting them to enter, covers the imperfections of an old building.

More information about aluminium chain cladding at Kriskadecor Cladding


Concept & designer of each edition

2016: An ideal construction composed of volumes and boxes which develop as a sequence of infinite rooms by Diego Grandi.

2017: "Architypes", a kaleidoscopic image by Serena Confalonieri.

2018: A composition of black and white abstract panels by Elisa Ossino.

2019: a playful and mind-bending anamorphic installation by Truly Design

2022: The arches, the project’s formal leitmotif by Carla Di Benedetto and the Archiproducts team. 

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Marcela Grassi