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Kriskadecor debuts in Marriot Hotels

Published on 15-12-2016     |     News and releases

Kriskadecor debuts in Vienna covering with its decorative curtains of anodized aluminium different spaces of the Wunderkammer-Drinking&Dining and the Lobby of the Hotel Renaissance, located at the trendiest points of the city.

The spaces, designed by Christian Olufemi Architekten and Brumann Innenraumkonzepte GmbH suggest the design concept of "Rocking Barroque", a perfect non-conventional mixture of history, culture and innovation. A notable example appears in the creative mixture of the baroque history and the modernity of its spaces, in all its decorative elements: Renaissance images combine with marble and high quality materials with the aim to create a comfortable sensation at all the environments. The result is a refreshing lifestyle hotel, with a constantly evolving event calendar, resulting on a diverse and a vibrant place.

Regarding the space "Winderkammer-Drinking&Dining", which is the restaurant and the centrepiece of the hotel, invites the guests to travel across the stations of the Orient Express’. The term "Winderkammer" refers to the collection objects brought by passengers on their trips. These unique pieces, as well as ancient photographies, provide the place with a harmonious mixture of classic and modern. Kriskadecor, through its decorative aluminium chain curtains, was able to capture these images in its walls, offering a unique and special atmosphere.

By the anodizing process, the colour penetrates the chains, allowing a big variety. The manufacturing process used by Kriskadecor makes possible the most intricate detail in the curtains’ design. All 28 available colours can be combined, giving the image greater realism and depth.


Designed by Christian Olufemi Architekten and Brumann Innenraumkonzepte GmbH

Photos by © David Bohmann