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“Baldaquí”, jury prize at the A Cel Obert Festival in Tortosa

Published on 09-10-2019     |     Recognitions and awards

The intervention of Jean Orliac and Joan Bardy, installed in the Passatge Franquet, included a canopy composed entirely of Kriskadecor’ anodized aluminum chains in bright red, which perfectly matched with passion, the central theme of this sixth edition.

Among other things, the metallic fabric allowed to filter the passage of sunlight and create an interior space, where prying and curious looks were allowed. In the following video you can see the first impressions of the architects as soon as the jury's decision was known:

The A Cel Obert festival was born with the purpose of rediscovering the courtyards of Tortosa and its heritage through ephemeral art. It also promotes the use of materials and elements that are not harmful to the environment, such as aluminum, indefinitely recyclable.