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Motif Club

Leisure     |     City: San José, United States    |     Designed by: Mr. Important Design

Silicon Valley and artfully minimalist club design were mutually exclusive concepts until Teresa Nguyen opened her Charles Doell designed club Motif in San José CA USA.

In a playful nod to this San Francisco Bay Community’s self-eponymous number 14 on the Periodic Chart Doell and his Mr. Important Design group had London based artist Eva Menz create an immense flowing silicon sculpture of thousands of unique fists sized brilliant black glass rocks.

Instead of covering the plain Jane cinderblock walls with drywall or paint Doell treated them with a magnificent swooping chain mural in Satin Silver and Satin Black.  “We had Kriskadecor base the chain mural on Amy Butler’s original floral fabric design with a mezzanine opening 5/8” strand spacing.” 

The Kriskadecor mural drops 20 feet and covers the dining room wall. It swoops around the mezzanine to an eight-foot ragged hem height through which guests pass. “The giant scale and pattern repeat are pretty new things for restaurant interiors, at least in the US. Gets away from the old 54” repeats we’ve been looking at all these years,” Doell says.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: