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Daniel Steegmann Exhibition

Art     |     City: Porto, Portugal    |     Designed by: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

Nuno Centeno Gallery of Porto (Portugal) presented the Brazil-based Catalan artist Daniel Steegmann Mangrané with the exhibition “/ ( - ”, which appeals to transit states and deals with notions of corporeality and immateriality. “/ ( - ” fills completely the gallery space and it is composed by a set of 4 curtains, half industrial and half handmade.

The material of the curtains is original from south Catalunya where the artist spent his summers. Widely used there in shops and on the home’s front doors, Kriskadecor aluminium curtains can be traversable and close quickly after the viewer’s passage, in addition to its characteristic metallic noise. The holes in the curtains invite the viewer to go through them in silence or traverse the curtain making noise.

The curtains divide the space into four sections, and operate both as independent sculptures and as elements of a larger installation, creating a work that dematerializes in the relationships established between the viewer's body, its movement through space and the curtains that define its immediate space, making the transit and the transient the material essence of the work.

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