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Cofrad Mannequins Store

Stores and shopping malls     |     City: Paris, France    |    

Next to the Louvre Museum in Paris we find Cofrad Mannequins, showroom of the company dedicated to the manufacture of abstract & realistic mannequins and fully customized busts.

Throughout their career, they have collaborated with the Joyce Art Gallery, the photographer Valérie Belin, the Parisian Fashion Musee Galliera in a retrospective of Lanvin and artists such as Iris Brosch, Ralph Pucci and Andrée Putman.

Given its connection with the world of fashion, design and art, the showroom of the French capital needed a solution that managed to highlight such unusual protagonists, in addition to facilitating the differentiation between the different models in a diaphanous space.

To do so, they asked Kriskadecor for five straight and fixed space dividers in brilliant silver, made with anodized aluminium links. The result is a simple interior design, but at the same time, modern and functional.


Solutions that are offered to the customer: