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Cinc Sentits Restaurant

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Barcelona, Spain    |     Designed by: Zoo Studio

Zoo Studio was in charge of renewing the corporate image of the Cinc Sentits restaurant in Barcelona. They did it by combining the traditional with the sophistication, hallmarks of his chef, Jordi Artal, owner of a Michelin star.

For this they used organic and natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and braided aluminium. In fact, the links of Kriskadecor were used to design a ceiling solution that breaks the uniformity and depth of the room, marking sinuous lines that visually join the tables.

The brown colour of the chains stands out above the black of the roof. And, thanks to its transparency and careful lighting, they project textures on the walls that generate intimate environments for each table.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Ivan Raga