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Building the future of Kriskadecor

Published on 19-07-2022     |     Innovation

As a restless company with a desire to innovate, over the last 4 months several members of the Kriskadecor team have participated in a project on disruptive innovation methodologies where they have learnt to analyse and better understand our company and our environment. The aim has been to propose and build innovative ideas that allow us to offer new value solutions to build the future of the company. All this with the support of ACCIÓ.

In the first phase, 30 internal and external interviews were conducted to gain first-hand insight into the perception of our product and company. In addition to Kriskadecor employees, we also talked to architects, interior designers, end customers, trade magazines, consultants and installers with whom we had previously worked. Thanks to them, we were able to get to know the market's vision of us, as well as the needs, expectations and desires of our prescribers. They are the ones who imagine incredible projects, and we are the ones in charge of materialising them.

From here, we have defined a challenge: to ensure that our customers better understand our product and all its potential, that they conceive new projects where our chain is the protagonist. We want them to have all the support, information and tools available so that they can be sure that Kriskadecor can make what they have imagined a reality.

The project has been led by ConnectingBrains, a multidisciplinary team specialised in empathising with clients, users and employees, analysing their needs, devising creative solutions and implementing them with unstoppable enthusiasm. Connectingbrains helps to activate change in your organisation with Design Thinking, Co-creation and Visual Thinking.

Disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation can be defined as a process that transforms a product or service, usually with the help of technology. One of its main characteristics is "the improvement of processes with the delivery of solutions that are more current and appropriate to the reality and needs of customers".

The concept was created by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, who was inspired by the "creative destruction", which explains the cycles of a business, where the previous conception is destroyed with each new industrial or technological revolution.

Innovation is not about happy ideas, but about culture, perseverance and methodology. It is not an exclusive objective of the R&D team but has to be transversal to all areas and members of the company. Fortunately, innovation is in our DNA, as we have already told you in our innovation story