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Fixing options: safety and aesthetics go hand in hand

Published on 26-05-2022     |     Innovation

All our projects are born from a minimal and "indissoluble" element: our aluminium chain link. From here, everything is possible: colours, shapes, volumes, contrasts... Each link allows us to explore creativity in 3 dimensions to surprise the senses.

Just as the chain link offers infinite possibilities, the modularity of our fixing options allows us to adapt to all the technical and spatial requirements of the projects. Kriskadecor offers different rails and fixings so that the chain can dress the spaces in a safe, flexible, and integrated way.

For example, our 40x3 rail allows us to fantasise about organic shapes and impossible geometries. SLIM, on the other hand, with its fine, pure lines, plays with discretion and elegance. On the other hand, the Minioval, harmonious and suggestive, offers us the possibility of giving mobility to our chain.

The 3 rails can be curved to adapt to any architectural design. As for the fixings, we can choose the one that best suits the needs of the space: directly to the ceiling or wall, but also by means of spacers or suspended by steel cable. In this way, we can save any constructive element such as pipes, lighting, air-conditioning ducts, etc.

Like the chain, the rails are made of aluminium, a 100% recyclable and customisable material, as they can be anodised in a natural aluminium colour, providing an aesthetically attractive protective film, or lacquered in the colour that best suits the project.

Our technical office analyses each project, helping the client to define the best solution in terms of rails and fixings, as well as drawing up detailed plans of the project to determine the ideal type of fixing and the position of all its elements.

This range of possibilities is complemented by the customised solutions that our team of engineers and designers is responsible for developing when the project requires it. We love challenges and making what our clients imagine a reality.

Photo: Aldgate Tower, London, UK by Basha-Franklin. Photographer: Philip Durrant.