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Kriskadecor chains shine in the TV3 show "Eufòria"

Published on 22-06-2022     |     Nachrichten und Meldungen

The TV3 music competition, which has been a success both on television and on social media, has had an exceptional prop. Kriskadecor's aluminium chains have been appearing intermittently throughout the programme, from the initial promotion to Mariona's stellar performance in the run-up to the final.

The first edition of the television show featured 16 contestants competing to become the best new singer in Catalonia. All of them interacted with the chains in one of the promotional videos you can see below:

Also, the winner of the edition surrounded herself with the aluminium chains during her performance in the run-up to the final, performing Cher's "Believe":

Such has been the success of the competition that two concerts have already been scheduled on 16 and 17 July. For the occasion, they will also have Kriskadecor curtains in brilliant silver to play with the stage lights.