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KI20 Business Centre

Büros     |     Ort: Budapest, Hungary    |     Designed by: MádiLáncos Studio

In the heart of Budapest, you can find the KI20 Business Centre, an elegant three-story Neo-Renaissance construction which has been recently renovated. The objective was to convert it into a modern office building, maintaining the historic façade and the great central staircase.

The interior courtyard, covered by a glass roof, included a wall with electrical mechanisms and exposed pipes. In order to hide them and give the space a cosy and elegant atmosphere suited to the new design, MádiLáncos Studio opted to create a decorative cladding cladding made with Kriskadecor’ aluminium links in satin sand.

According to the designers themselves, Kriskadecor’ chains were the perfect resource to cover such a large surface: 6.85 meters wide x 15.40m high, a grand waterfall which, thanks to a custom substructure, provides three-dimensionality to the space.


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