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Infrarrojo parking lot, Odiseo Leisure Centre

Freizeiteinrichtungen     |     Ort: Murcia, Spain    |     Designed by: Clavel Arquitectos

Odiseo, a leisure centre located in Murcia, is an iconic building inspired by the Parthenon in Athens and surrounded by vegetation and water, an oasis in the middle of the city designed by Manuel Clavel. The innovative concept, imported from Las Vegas, has 15,500 m2 distributed in three levels and an underground parking lot.

Based on what was learned in previous experiences (durability, low maintenance and light as a construction material), Clavel Arquitectos' proposal focused on building a lobby for the superstructure: a welcoming experience, a transition from environments to which precede, a “warm-up” garage.

For this, a voluntarily warm, amber, almost infrared lighting was chosen, which would soften the low-cost scenes that inevitably usually appear in car parks (concrete, exposed installations, industrial floors, exposed foundations), materialized in linear luminaires that represent flows of movement and chevrons of direction that guide the user.

Supporting this same idea, a Kriskadecor’s metal chain curtain in an intense red colour and suitably illuminated, surrounds the central area and generates a second car park within the first, as a VIP area, transmitting sensations of quality and distinction. In addition to wallcovering and creating subspaces, the 476 m2 of chain also includes different openings that generate “access doors” and signpost the emergency exits.

The combination of distribution and design strategies turns this interior area into a multipurpose room, capable of occasionally hosting all kinds of events and presentations, thus broadening the functional spectrum of these types of spaces that are usually underused.

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David Frutos (BIS images)