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Ecuador Pavilion


The aim of the design was to stand out the Pavilion among those around it thanks to its façade, creating an emotional connection with traditional and unique elements of the country. The use of KriskaDECOR aluminium curtains as an optimal support for the reproduction of the designs, offers the ideal colour display and brightness for that purpose, as well as the subtle movement that transmits the cozy feeling of the fabrics.

The sunlight and the lighting planned to the smallest details enhance the completely successful final effect.

The KriskaDECOR anodized aluminium chain cladding of the façade is divided in four faces with an average height of 9 meters, reaching up to 10,5 meters at certain points. The Northern and Southern faces measure 25,4 meters in width and, the Eastern and Western, 15 meters each.,  This huge metallic structure is possible thanks to the lightness of the material. 

The range of yellow, red, lilac, blue and green colours used, represents the colourful regions of the country, its population, landscape, craftwork, ethnic groups, cuisine and cultural expressions, which are also summarized in its logo and its motto “Ecuador Ama La Vida”.

The pavilion, a building of 1.200 m2, has three levels where the visitor can make a representative route of its four big regions: Amazon, Andes, Galapagos coast and islands. It is an interactive space with amazing projections and sensory effects.

ZORROZUA Y ASOCIADOS, design consultants with a wide experience in several sectors, carried out the project design and management of the pavilion.

Ecuador comes to the Expo Milan for the first time with its own pavilion, to show the visitors the advantages of its “Buen Vivir” (o "Sumak Kawsay", in Quechua), as well as its own natural food and agricultural richness and the extraordinary biodiversity.

Project by Zorrozua y Asociados
Photos by Marcela Grassi