Three generations of family

Our motto is ''There is nothing that can't be done, one just has to find the way''

The beginning
It was Josep Maria Sans Amill motto "There is nothing that can't be done, one just has to find the way" that brought the Kriska brand into the forefront of manufacturing innovation. Born in 1903 in Montblanc, he founded his first factory manufacturing machinery to manipulate metals. His decision to produce metallic chains led to making the chain curtains, which in time became typical household items all across Spain and the Mediterranean.

His son Josep Maria Sans Folch continued the family’s innovative streak; in 1957 he devised a special technique for anodizing the aluminum so that the chain would become weather resistant and durable, combining functional design with aesthetics. Only by taking risks and experimenting he says is great design possible. Together with his wife Josefina Esplugas they were able to grow the company and develop design solutions for interior spaces, they made Kriska designs accessible to the masses.

Today the grandchildren together with Josefina run the company; Josep Maria and Cristina Sans Esplugas have inherited their parent’s nose for business and eye for design. Together they´ve been responsible for growing the company outside Spain, keen to grow the company on a wider international scale the company has gone from strength to strength. Under their leadership KriskaDECOR has established itself as a leading name in European design, working in close collaboration with A list designers and architects in avant-garde projects and installations. The duo has fine-tuned manufacturing techniques and service, streamlining quick supply logistics and broadening their colour range to offer a broader palette of possibilities.

In 2012 KriskaDECOR made the decision to divide their lines into three parts. The most exclusive and experimental, KriskaDECOR Collections is a limited range of curtains produced in batches of no more than 2,000 pieces for the home. KriskaDECOR Contract the company's made to measure range, where architects and designers can have their designs made up to the size and scale they need and KriskaDECOR Products is the experimental rage of lighting solution, screens and products in continual development. "It's challenging to make high-quality design democratic," JM says. "But I want to ensure that KriskaDECOR is accessible to everyone.”. The success of these collaborations has led KriskaDECOR to push the boundaries of creativity. Working with the worlds leading designers and architects has meant that we ve been able to cross international boundaries and have our designs feature in some of the worlds most exciting and avant-garde design projects."